New Year, Same Me 

Wow,can you believe another year has come and gone?  Time definitely flies the older you get. I wanted to do a little recap of our year and talk about my hopes for next year. 

2016 brought us many new exciting things! 

In the beginning of 2016 we were already working on our move to Florida,however we thought we would be going to Melbourne FL. Then in May my husband had been contacted by a recruiter from a company in Palm Beach FL stating she found his resume online and he looks like the perfect candidate for a job they have plus they like to hire Veterans. The whole thing sounded too good to be true, because if you know us things have not been easy over the last 5 years. The pay was quite a jump, the health insurance was incredible along with the time off and other benefits. The hiring process was long but after about two weeks we got the call that he got the job! Now it was time to start researching our new city after I had studied everything there was to know about Melbourne lol Him getting this job was just the first of a few great things that happened. 

Come June, I started looking for and applying to jobs in the Palm Beach area. We had finally set a moving date for the boys and I, which meant it was time to get things lined up. I called a few daycares and dental offices in the area. One daycare told me to email my resume as they are looking to hire. I emailed and quickly heard back. This was another big piece to our puzzle! I got the job and the boys could come to the daycare with me at no cost! This was huge! However I didn’t realize just how much of a blessing this job was going to be. Turned out I would meet two girls who quickly became some of my best friends. 

When we started this moving to Florida adventure,there were doubts from a lot of people and it was stressful to try and line everything up while he was here working and the boys and I were still in Maryland. However ,it has taught me that anything worth doing won’t be easy and if you set your mind on something you can do anything. I also learned to trust myself, many times during the year I had that gut feeling that this is what we were supposed to do and it’s paid off. I knew what I needed and didn’t stop till we got there no matter how many negative thoughts I heard. We spent a year living apart to make it work. I’d do it all again to get where we are today. 

We also had other memorable moments in 2016. I started the 21 day fix in April and lost 20 lbs which put me at the lowest weight I have been in 7 years! The boys and I got to visit lots of places on our Maryland\ Pennsylvania bucket list before we moved. We have already had a bunch of visitors here in FL with more planned for the new year as well. Nathan started talking so so much this year,he’s made incredible improvement (he has apraxia of speech). We finally got an IEP for Lucas which was not an easy task. I rebranded my blog and made so many amazing blog friend connections. The blogging community is awesome and I have met some wonderful ladies. This year overall I feel as though I found myself again and started doing things for me. We had a big year and while there were some downs we had many ups and they were big ups. 

I am excited to see what 2017 brings us! I’m hoping for more travel/sightseeing, and more memories made with my family and friends. I also hope to continue to grow my blog. I won’t say new year new me because I actually quite like myself, and am proud of who I am 😉 What do you hope for in the New Year? 


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