Graduation Baskets

How many of you have Graduation parties to go to this month? Looking for something cute? Between my husbands family and mine we have had our fair share of Graduation Parties the last few years!   I wanted to put together a cute little gift yet affordable. I found this first one somewhere on Pinterest (however can’t find the pin anymore) and thought it was adorable! We also included a gift card to Target. basket

Here’s the poem for anyone interested:

After completing MOUNDS

of homework and PIECING(Reeses pieces)

together all of your knowledge

you’ve finally hit PAYDAY, Graduation!!!

As you head off to college

Don’t listen to any SNICKERS

You’re no DUM DUM, you’re

one HOT TAMALE on your WAY (milky way) to

making 100 GRAND

Congratulations on your Graduation


My next basket was all made of things you could use in a dorm room!  I bought a mixture of items for dorm room  (dry erase board, command hooks, basket, bleach cleaning wipes) toiletries (shampoo, soap, lotions) as well as snacks, cup, detergent, notepads and tape.  I didn’t find a cute poem for this one but I’m sure there’s something out there 🙂 We included a gift card in this basket as well.


What are some other cute ideas you have found?


Patriotic Wreath

It’s that time of year again, time to show our patriotism! This patriotic wreath will get it’s use with Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day!
I saw a few patriotic flags online and knew that I wanted something that resembled the American flag but also something a little different. Once I saw this chevron ribbon in Michaels I knew that was it! I purchased all my supplies from Michaels; one straw wreath, one roll of blue ribbon, 3 rolls of red and white chevron ribbon, a package of white flowers, some little star decoration and a letter A. It only cost me $15! I love Michaels and there coupons 🙂
I left the wreath wrapped in the plastic and then started wrapping the ribbon all the way around it to cover the front and back of it. I hot glued each end of the ribbon. One roll of the blue ribbon was the perfect amount to give it the flag feel. I also hot glued the flowers on. I picked these because they resembled stars but you could also use felt stars or buttons. The final finishing touches were the little star decorations and monogram letter. I will be using this wreath for years to come, it’s the perfect addition to our door!