Patriotic Wreath

It’s that time of year again, time to show our patriotism! This patriotic wreath will get it’s use with Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day!
I saw a few patriotic flags online and knew that I wanted something that resembled the American flag but also something a little different. Once I saw this chevron ribbon in Michaels I knew that was it! I purchased all my supplies from Michaels; one straw wreath, one roll of blue ribbon, 3 rolls of red and white chevron ribbon, a package of white flowers, some little star decoration and a letter A. It only cost me $15! I love Michaels and there coupons 🙂
I left the wreath wrapped in the plastic and then started wrapping the ribbon all the way around it to cover the front and back of it. I hot glued each end of the ribbon. One roll of the blue ribbon was the perfect amount to give it the flag feel. I also hot glued the flowers on. I picked these because they resembled stars but you could also use felt stars or buttons. The final finishing touches were the little star decorations and monogram letter. I will be using this wreath for years to come, it’s the perfect addition to our door!



7 thoughts on “Patriotic Wreath

  1. Virjinia says:

    That looks so pretty! And I love that it’s so simple. I haven’t made a wreath before and while I’m not sure that I’m that good with crafts, this looks manageable!

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