We Fly Together

When you first start dating someone you share your hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Some of these may be small and easy to accomplish while some, more time consuming and difficult. One of Zacks has always been to get a pilots license while one of mine is to travel, everywhere and anywhere. These two coincide pretty nicely 😍 

Not too long ago a friend and I were discussing lifelong goals and dreams,which I then began revisiting with Zack. I asked him his lifelong goals and discussed mine and then we made a plan to execute our goals. So often we get lost in the daily shuffle, the kids, work, housework, anything. We sometimes put ourselves on the back burner. I know if I don’t make a plan or write things down they won’t get done. If we don’t set a plan to achieve these goals they will simply stay dreams. So here we are on Zacks first training flight! The next few months may get a little hectic with his flights and studying but it will be well worth it!

As excited as I was to go up with him I was also nervous. I had never ridden in a small airplane before and was afraid I wouldn’t like the feeling but, it was awesome. Like one of those memories that will stick with you forever. It was so neat to see the beach, lighthouse, our work and other places we frequent from the sky. My head is already spinning just thinking of all the trips I want to do someday. I am so glad we revisited our goals and planned a way to start achieving them! 
What’s one of your lifelong goals? When your old and gray what would you regret not doing? Ask your spouse or significant other and make a plan! 


75 Family Movie Favorites

In this house we love family movie night, pretty sure it started when my husband and I were dating. We were always watching movies, new or old.  Movies remind you of your goals, ambitions, childhood, they make you laugh, cry and get your imagination going. Combine all that with some popcorn, candy or ice cream and it makes for a perfect night in. We have watched every Disney animated classic under the sun being the Disney addicts that we are, so we have been trying to switch it up. Lucas is now getting to the age that we can start showing some of our childhood favorites (non animated). So I figured a list of all of them would be nice to have and a good resource for any family. This list has a little bit of everything, some old, some new, some for boys, girls and some for teens. 

  • Most of these movies are PG however, there are a few rated PG-13. I always use IMDB to check out a movie before watching with the kids. 

1.Blank Check

blank check

2. Free Willy

free wily

3. Dennis The Menace


4. Sandlot


5. Little Rascals

little rascals

6. Parent Trap

parent trap





9.Homeward Bound

homeward bound

10. Bridge to Terabithia

bridge to terabithia

11.Freaky Friday


12.Wish Upon A Star


13.The Karate Kid

karate kid

14.Richie Rich

RICHIE RICH, US poster art, Macaulay Culkin (top, center), Stephi Lineburg (top, right), John Larroq

15. Matilda


16. E.T.


17. The Secret Garden

secret garden

18. Mrs. Doubtfire


19.The Princess Diaries

princess diaries

20. Annie


21. Home Alone

home alone

22. The Goonies


23. Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz

24. Cheaper by the Dozen

cheaperby the dozen

25. Troop Beverly Hills


26. Babysitters Club

babysitters club

27. Agent Cody Banks


28. Clockstoppers


29. Big Fat Lair


30. Holes


31. What A Girl Wants

what a girl wants

32. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

lizzie mcguire

33. Space Jam

space jam

34. Jumanji


35. Honey I Shrunk The Kids


36. Mr. Magoo

mr magoo

37. Back to the Future

back tothe future

38. Gremlins


39. Apple Dumpling Gang

apple dumpling gang

40. Escape to Witch Mountain


41. Shaggy DA


42. Cool Runnings

cool runnign

43. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

sisterhood of the traveling

44. Spy Kids

spy kids

45. Mighty Ducks

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46. Big Green

big green

47. Heavyweights


48. Mary Poppins


49. Inspector Gadget

inspector gadget

50. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

willy wonka

51. Big


52. Field Of Dreams

field of dreams

53. Bad News Bears

bad news bears

54. The Muppet Movie


55. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

roger rabbit

56. Star Wars

star wars

57. Indiana Jones


58. Ferris Buellers Day Off




60. Adventures in Babysitting

adventures in babysitting

61. Dr. Doolittle

dr doolittle

62. Goosebumps


63. Chronicles of Narnia


64. Series of Unfortunate Events

unfortunate events

65. Night at the Museum

night at the museum

66. Casper


67. Remember the Titans

remember the titants

68. Yours,Mine and Ours

yoursmineand ours

69. A Little Princess

little princess

70. Charlottes Web

charlottes web

71. October Sky

october sky

72. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

mr magorium

73. Alexander and the Terrible,Horrible, No Good,Very Bad Day


74. That Darn Cat

darn cat

75. Indian In The Cupboard


There you have it, 75 great movies for family night! What are some of your favorites? What did I miss?




Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer is such an exciting time! The weather is warm, the kids are out of school and it’s time for fun in the sun. It’s our favorite because we love spending time outside. 

Last year was the first year we actually made a bucket list since it was our last summer in Maryland. We had a whole list of things we wanted to do and see before moving and I’m proud to say we accomplished ALL of them 🙂 This years list is also fun because it’s our first Summer in Florida. I find the list so helpful for those days when you’re looking for something to do and to remind you of things your kids want to do. I know that if we aren’t intentional about trips or doing fun things, the time just passes and next thing you know school is back in session. It’s also fun to have the kids brainstorm and find out what’s really fun and important in their eyes. 

Here’s our list: 

Here’s some photos from out Summer Bucket List last year :

Do you make a Summer bucket list? What’s on yours?