Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer is such an exciting time! The weather is warm, the kids are out of school and it’s time for fun in the sun. It’s our favorite because we love spending time outside. 

Last year was the first year we actually made a bucket list since it was our last summer in Maryland. We had a whole list of things we wanted to do and see before moving and I’m proud to say we accomplished ALL of them 🙂 This years list is also fun because it’s our first Summer in Florida. I find the list so helpful for those days when you’re looking for something to do and to remind you of things your kids want to do. I know that if we aren’t intentional about trips or doing fun things, the time just passes and next thing you know school is back in session. It’s also fun to have the kids brainstorm and find out what’s really fun and important in their eyes. 

Here’s our list: 

Here’s some photos from out Summer Bucket List last year :

Do you make a Summer bucket list? What’s on yours? 


6 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2017

  1. Natalie Aubele says:

    We also want to go to Legoland this summer ! Our number one on our summer bucket list is to go camping as much as possible . It’s our families favorite activity to do together and there are SO many places here in CO we still haven’t seen 🙂

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