We Fly Together

When you first start dating someone you share your hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Some of these may be small and easy to accomplish while some, more time consuming and difficult. One of Zacks has always been to get a pilots license while one of mine is to travel, everywhere and anywhere. These two coincide pretty nicely 😍 

Not too long ago a friend and I were discussing lifelong goals and dreams,which I then began revisiting with Zack. I asked him his lifelong goals and discussed mine and then we made a plan to execute our goals. So often we get lost in the daily shuffle, the kids, work, housework, anything. We sometimes put ourselves on the back burner. I know if I don’t make a plan or write things down they won’t get done. If we don’t set a plan to achieve these goals they will simply stay dreams. So here we are on Zacks first training flight! The next few months may get a little hectic with his flights and studying but it will be well worth it!

As excited as I was to go up with him I was also nervous. I had never ridden in a small airplane before and was afraid I wouldn’t like the feeling but, it was awesome. Like one of those memories that will stick with you forever. It was so neat to see the beach, lighthouse, our work and other places we frequent from the sky. My head is already spinning just thinking of all the trips I want to do someday. I am so glad we revisited our goals and planned a way to start achieving them! 
What’s one of your lifelong goals? When your old and gray what would you regret not doing? Ask your spouse or significant other and make a plan! 


4 thoughts on “We Fly Together

  1. angelalambert7 says:

    That is so cool!! Y’all are definitely braver than me. Now if they had Waze for airplanes I might do okay. I have zero sense of direction. I’d be hot mess central.

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