Our Day at Sea World

sea world

In June thanks to the Waves of Honor program Sea World offers we were able to take the boys to Sea World for a day! Zack and I had been 10 years ago on our honeymoon but hadn’t been since then, so the boys were very excited, Zack included because they had added NEW roller coasters since then.

We arrived around 10ish but the line for parking was CRAZY! Which had me nervous for the day ahead of us. Parking was $30, steep in my opinion BUT we didn’t have to pay for our passes so I’ll let it slide 😉 Once in the park we started with Manta. Now anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a fan of roller coasters, BUT this one is a must!! We went with close friends of ours on this trip, whom have a girl around Lucas’ age and a boy Nathans age. So she and I stayed with the younger ones while the men and older kids went on the Manta first. They picked us up a rider swap once they finished the ride so now it was our turn. If you don’t know what the Manta ride is….look it up! The ride is meant for you to feel like a Manta Ray. I was quickly questioning my decision to ride but I have to say it was probably one of the best, smoothest and coolest rides I’ve been on.

TIP: Each rider swap pass is good for up to 6 people. We didn’t learn this until after we each turned ours in but its good to know for future reference.


We then made our way to some shows. Starting with the dolphin show. The kids really enjoyed watching this one and seeing the dolphins in action, they also incorporate birds into this show. My only tip here is unless you want to sit in the splash zone, move yourself a good bit up and under the covered seating. It started raining during our show but luckily we were undercover.

Next up was lunch, after a lot of debate we settled on Voyagers Smokehouse. This decision would have been made quicker had I realized they don’t show you the full menu outside. They had quite the selection and we were pretty happy with the prices considering it was a theme park. Zack and I had the Brisket sampler, came with Brisket, sausage and chicken and a side of fries and cost about $16. This is pretty good for the amount of meats they gave you and the fact we were able to share it, plus it all tasted very good. Lucas got the kids salad meal and Nathan got the chicken tenders kids meal, both came with a side and a drink. I can’t remember the cost of theirs but I wanna say lunch ran us about $30. We had also bought a refillable cup earlier in the day so that was just a $1 refill for us.

TIP: Refillable cups are available at drink spots but also in the shops. We bought none from the shop which was much bigger than the normal one they sell and only cost $2 more. Well worth it! They will let you use any Sea World cup for refills!


Next up was the Killer Whale show, which was also awesome! They definitely take the time to educate everyone on the animals and discuss Sea Worlds mission. My kids loved the shows because they love sea animals and learning about them,

TIP: Download the Sea World app on your phone. Even if just for that day. We quickly misplaced our map and had it rained on. We used the app to keep track of showtimes mostly.

The kids section was mostly closed for refurbishment while we were there but we were able to do the Carousel and another ride in that section. The day we were there was also a rainy day! Boo! We missed the sea lion show which I’m totally bummed about because I know the kids would have loved it, but that just means we have to go back, right?! We planned to see it but the thunder and lightning had other plans. Any show or ride must wait 15 min from the last lightning strike to reopen. So most of the rides were closed for awhile. We ended up walking through some shops, getting some ice cream and then headed to Turtle Trek and the Antartica ride. Turtle Trek was pretty cool, you walk through an aquarium where you can see Sea Turtles and Manatees and then they take you into a dome shaped room for a 3D movie. The movie walks you through a sea turtle hatching, getting to the ocean and over coming all of the obstacles a sea turtle faces. The Antartica ride was cool as well, or maybe COLD I should say 😉 It was a simulator kind of ride and also walks you through a baby penguins life. It does get very cold throughout the ride but its fun and drops you off right into the penguin exhibit. The kids loved this!


We were just about ready to wrap up our day ( it was about 7 pm at this point) when we saw Manta open back up. So back they all went on the ride, I sat this one out with the littles. After that all the rides started opening back up and they were finally able to try the Mako ( which reaches 200 ft and 73 mph). Lucas was such a roller coaster champ on this trip, we were s impressed with him. He rode Mako with everyone and then also did the Kraken (144 ft  drop and 63 mph). While they were doing this I took the kids over to the kiddie rides and then we also went to the nighttime whale show. They rode the rollercoasters a few more times. I am SO happy we didn’t bail out early or let the rain get us down. It seems like no matter which park we go to we always accomplish more and have more fun at night. The nighttime whale show was SUPER AWESOME and then we even caught the fireworks. There were a few things we missed but we are looking forward to going back again. As we were leaving the park Lucas said it was one of the best days ever and I’d have to agree!


We are hoping to do Busch Gardens next! Have you been?






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