Wilmington NC- The Real Tree Hill

Those who know me personally know that I’m obsessed with One Tree Hill. It’s a show that my husband and I have always watched together and enjoyed. So much so that both of our boys are named after two of the main characters ( I wasn’t kidding when I said obsessed lol). Last summer we had to drive to Maryland so we decided to make a pit stop in Wilmington, NC to see all the filming spots from One Tree Hill.  So I thought I’d share about our trip and all the spots for those who may love the show as much as we do!

  1. Peyton Sawyers house1901 Chestnut Street This is a pretty famous house in the show with lots of important scenes taking place inside or in the front yard.
  2. Haley James house-1811 Chestnut Street Although she didn’t live here long this was the spot where Nathan and Haleys first kiss took place 🙂 and its actually to the left of Peytons house!
  3. Lucas and Karens house-1829 Wrightsville Avenue This is probably the most well known house from the show and it doesn’t disappoint. This house is currently lived in and they do ask you not to trespass but you can still take pictures.
  4. Brooke Davis’ house-2314 Tattersalls Drive B Davis’ house was probably my favorite to see in person. The infamous red door was just as awesome in person!
  5. Nathan Scotts house-1621 Country Club Road We basically just rode by this one, there were people home and we didn’t want to go on their property, its not right on the road like some of the others.
  6. Quinn and Clays Beach House650 New River Inlet Road, North Topsail Ok remember when I said Brookes house was my favorite, I lied. Clay and Quinns was hands down my favorite one we saw, maybe its because of its location and the fact it was vacant. You could really take some time and feel like you were exactly where they were. I wish I could hit the lottery and buy this house lol
  7. The Naley Bench- This is along the Riverwalk and near impossible to miss. This particular bench is covered in messages from OTH fans, plus when we were there many people were lined up to take their pictures too!
  8. The Rivercourt- Although the actual Rivercourt is no longer there it is still neat to visit where it once was and really take in the scenery around it, it’s really neat to see the view that was always behind them. This is located right behind the parking lot to the USS North Carolina Battleship (although this is not part of the OTH tour the battleship is still worth a trip)
  9. The Infamous Bridge- N 6th Street This is the bridge from the opening credits and another really awesome thing to see in person!
  10. Keith Scott’s Body Shop-19 Covil Avenue We only got to drive by this but it is still a busy shop and I’ve heard they have no problems with people taking pictures there.
  11. TRIC/ Red Bedroom Records-1121 South Front Street This was another favorite, it was really neat to see all the messages written by other fans which are literally ALL over!
  12. The Dixie Grill- 116 Market Street Sadly we didn’t get to eat here due to our quick visit but we definitely will be on our next visit. This is the diner Sam (Brookes foster child) always went to.
  13. Karens Cafe/ Clothes Over Bros- Corner of Grace St & N Front St Last and certainly not least this is the building they used for Karens Cafe, I only wish it was still a coffee shop!

These are just a few of the filming locations, there are definitely plenty more. However we were on a quick trip and went to the ones we found to be most important first. While walking around the riverwalk and surrounding areas we also saw the water fountain near where they do the burning boat and the shop that was the record store. Wilmington is a beautiful little city and we can’t wait to go back. If you’re a big fan of the show, you’ll definitely want to pay Tree Hill a visit.

“Theres only one Tree Hill and it’s your home”


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